Book-35: How to Win $375-$2250 Per Hit in Pick 4 (And Much More!)

Here is a preview of Book-35, which will be out this coming Sunday, May 15. This Kindle will be priced at $9.99. If you have not done so already, join the 7 Day Club (its just $12 and comes with 30 day access). Go HERE for details on joining.

How to Collect the Codes: Step by Step Instructions
A Shortcut to Finding the Hottest Codes
The Emerging Code
•Use 60 Codes to Confirm Emerging Code
•Use the Top 2 Codes
•The Hottest Codes in North Carolina
•The Hottest Codes in Illinois
•The Hottest Codes in Maryland
•The Hottest Codes in Virginia
•Pick 4 Will Be Tracked Weekly (Just Like Pick 3)
•Pick 4 Box Win Payouts ($375-$2250)
•Making Money in Pick 4 is Guaranteed: Here is Why
•The NY Pick 4 Codes: Coming Soon!


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