Learn My Most Advanced Strategies-For Just $2.99

I got 3 STRAIGHT hits in May.

And I am expecting 3 or 4 straight hits this month as well. If you would like to learn the EXACT same strategies I am using to get these straight hits, you will have to read my last few 7 Day Number books because I will NOT be posting these advanced strategies on this blog anytime time soon. If you are on the 7 Day Club, you already have these Kindle books. If not, here is your chance to learn my most advanced strategies for just $2.99 per book. The last 4 books in the 7 Day Numbers book series will teach you my most advanced Pick 3 AND Pick 4 strategies – especially Book-38.

Book-38 is good for THIS week!


These kindle books are just $2.99. And make sure you read them in order (35-36-37-38) or else you will be confused. It also helps if you read the FREE North Carolina book I sent out a while back. (I sent out for FREE the PDF edition of THIS BOOK. Email me if you don’t have it).

Here are links to their pages on Amazon:

**Book-38 (NEW – Good for This Week!)**
VERY IMPORTANT: I discuss in this book what you NEED to get hits in the Pick 4 game. So if you play the Pick 4 game, you need to learn the information in this book! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GOMMALE




NOTE: There is going to be a readjustment period because now I am using a 5 level coding system (which gives you more codes),  so in Book-39 I will start discussing how you can go back and ADD the level 5 codes that are on the 27 Report day books: https://pick3master333.com/27-reports/

BONUS: Email me the Verification Code found on the last page of at least TWO of the kindle books above and I will send you the last few Blue Reports. These PDF reports highlight all the numbers that hit on the Summary Reports. Email me with ONE of these Verification Codes on the subject line of your email. My email is aa2newyork@aol.com

***Kindle Devise NOT Required***
You do NOT need a Kindle device to purchase the Kindle books above. When you purchase any of these Kindle books, you will be able to view it right on your computer (you will be guided to download the Kindle viewing program after you purchase the book). I personally do NOT have a Kindle device–but I can read any Kindle book I purchase right on my computer.

THE DOWNLOADING INSTRUCTIONS for the Kindle viewing program are on this page: http://www.amazon.com/gp/kindle/pc/download

If it does not work, do a Google search for “download Kindle reader”.

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