Book-45: Workout 88 and the Weekly Hit Rate (WHR)

Book-45 will be out this coming Sunday, July 24. I will be explaining something I call Workout 88 and a Brand New Strategy that will tell you, with mathematical precision, how frequently your codes will hit your state EVERY WEEK. I call this the Weekly Hit Rate or WHR for short. This is an AMAZING strategy. Make sure you read this book to learn all about the Weekly Hit Rate for the CODES for your state! I will email you Book-45 on Sunday morning if you are on the 7 Day Club.

TO JOIN THE 7 DAY CLUB: Email me  at with “$12 – 7 Day Club” on the subject line of your email. You will get the next 5 books in the series (Books 45, 46, 47, 48, 49) PLUS you will also get the previous 4 Books (41, 42, 43, 44) and the previous 4 Blue Reports! You will also get 30 day access to my programs. So thats a total of 13 books PLUS the use of my programs (for an entire month) for just $12!!


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