Study This Website:

I have seen this website before but today is the first time where I really took a look at it – and I am impressed. Check out the 4 pages below and my comments for each.

Power Picks
(you can pick whatever digit you want in each position)

Intelligent Combos (these digits are GREAT for System 88)

Top Repeat Numbers (Excellent source of hot digits)

Midday Most Winning Numbers
(enter these on the Reference Box or Revelation Box and see what you come up with)

Another good site for NY:

Suggestion: if you do not play the NY numbers, do a search on Google for similar sites for your state. Enter terms like “Ohio pick 3” or “Texas pick 3” for example and see what you come up with. 

Oh…I just hit 520 Straight in New York. I will post a picture once the results show up on 5dimes.

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