VIP Programs Coming Soon for OHIO and TEXAS (Get STRAIGHT Hits Every Week!)

I got my TWO straight hits this week using a very special program I have on the VIP section of my website. This program is based on the hottest codes. I simply enter the last 60 numbers for New York (starting from the last drawing on Saturday night) and the program gives me 9 hot box numbers for New York, good for the next 7 days. I then turn these 9 numbers into 54 straight numbers using the Box-to-Straight program. I play them 0.25 straight ($13.50 per draw) which is $189 for the week ($13.5 X 14 drawings = $189). Yes, this is quite an investment – but its paying off! ($225 x 2 hits = $450). So my profit this week is $261 ($450 – $189). Look at the image below; the Pick 3 VIP program I have is for New York…but that will change soon. I am thinking of adding a program for OHIO and another one for TEXAS! However, keep in mind that only VIP members will have access to these special programs.


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