I will win $2700

Today is Wednesday August 17.

I now consider these straight hits to be just PRACTICE for the Real Thing. https://pick3master333.com/my-straight-hits/

The Real Thing is what I will do next. I will win $2700 on a straight hit in the New York Pick 3 game. I just sent out to current and older Gold members  (formerly “VIP members”) a report explaining the exact strategy I am using and most importantly, the exact numbers I am playing and how much I am playing them for!  This means that the next picture you see on the straight hits page will be a picture of my $2700 win!

I am giving myself a month (4 weeks) to get this hit. I am willing to send this very valuable report to any new Gold member. Gold membership is $60 a month. You can become a Gold member by clicking on the Subscribe button at the bottom of this page: http://pick3programs.com/info.php?

I will keep you updated on my progress!


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