Get Book-53 for FREE!

I have many systems floating around. This creates confusion. However, I just cleared things up in Book-53. I am up to Book-53 in the 7 Day Numbers book series and I just sent Book-53 to 7 Day Club members.


In this edition I bring CLARITY to my game and explain my top system RIGHT NOW (Sept 18, 2016). I explain what is my #1 system today (and it is not coding). And I explain what I am doing NOW to get straight hits in the Pick 3 game.

In other words, Book-53 (it’s a PDF) will bring you up to date on what is working at the moment and what I am doing right now to get STRAIGHT hits in the Pick 3 game (I got TWO straight hits last week in New York: 993 and 494).

If you would like for me to email you Book-53, FREE of charge, email me with this on the subject line of your email: “Book-53-FREE” …and I will email it back to you right away.


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