I Just Hit 378 Straight in New York (5 Updates)

I have decided to play all 20 numbers from the 20 Numbers program for New York because even though it is costly (20 box numbers  = 108 straight numbers at 0.25 cent is $27 per drawing which is $54 per day) I see that I will still come out ahead financially because this program hits consistently. It has been hitting EVERY DAY in New York in the last few days! I played all the numbers the program gave me last night and I am glad I did: 378 just hit New York and it was on the program!


I provide many details about this program and my brand new 100 number coding system in Book-66.



I am giving away Book-66 for FREE this week!

Email me to get Book-66 FREE of charge. In it I give more details on the program I am using to get these hits. Email me at aanewyork4000@gmail.com OR at aa2newyork@aol.com with this on the subject line of your email: “BOOK-66-FREE” and I will send it out to you right away (it’s a PDF).

Below are some important updates. 

UPDATE #1: It is now $20 to join the 7 Day Club. This will give you 30 day access to my regular programs. You will also get the 7 Day Book emailed to you every Sunday morning for a month.

UPDATE #2: The program that has been generating a hit in New York EVERY DAY in the last few days is based on a 100 number coding system I created. I will be creating the same type of program for other states.

UPDATE #3: It looks like the 7 Day Number weekly report will soon be replaced with a Daily Numbers report. This means that a NEW report will come out EVERY NIGHT (or early morning). The numbers will be good for the two drawings of the following day (or the next two days if you are in a one draw per day state). These will be the same type of super hot numbers I am getting in New York now.  (This means that I will not be using the 25 Group system anymore). 

UPDATE #4: The first 4 states to get this new type of program will be TEXAS, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Ohio. Other states will soon follow. The programs for these states will be up in the next 1 to 2 weeks!

UPDATE #5: You need VIP access to use these programs. VIP membership is $60 for 3 MONTHS (90 days). I suggest you join now (at least you will  be able to use the NY program and the TX, NC, SC, and OH programs will be up in 1 to 2 weeks). I say that because there is a good chance that the price of VIP membership will go up – or I may keep it at $60 but it may only be good for 30 days. However, if you join NOW your VIP membership will be good for the next 3 months ($120 will give you VIP membership for the next 6 months).

If you are interested in joining at the VIP level for 90 days, email me with this on the subject line of your email: “$60-3-Months-VIP”. You can email me at aa2newyork@aol.com or at aanewyork4000@gmail.com.  You can make this “$120-6-Months-VIP” if you want access for the next 6 months.





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