I Just Hit 862 in New York

I just hit 862 box in New York.

Thats two hits in two days!


I did not win much – but at this point is not about how much I won…it’s about WINNING. Period.

This will be my playing strategy in NY this week: I will play the numbers box for 0.25 cents. I will most likely place a 2 day blanket bet on the numbers. This means that I will play the next four drawings (Sunday and Monday) tonight after the evening drawing…(you can do this from 5dimes). – (I do this because I hate playing day to day…I rather place a bet one time and make it cover several days). Right now there are 12 hot numbers for NY..so I will be spending $6 per day. A hit will be $37.50. And I will of course update my list after one of the 12 numbers hits or one of the due pairs hits.

You can order the report for your state for just $10. Email me if interested at aanewyork4000@gmail.com. If you want to learn more about 5dimes.com, keep this in mind: if you join at the VIP level you will get two reports that explain how 5dimes works (and the traps to avoid). You can learn about my 3 levels of membership HERE. 

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