STRAIGHT Hits Coming Up!

I just sent gold members an explanation of my straight number system. This is an IMPROVED version of the system I sent them earlier (it is still based on the 444 sum 10-17 list I mentioned on my previous post). So if you are a gold member, check your inbox.

And speaking of straight numbers; I am looking to get SEVERAL straight hits over the coming weeks. And if I do get these straight hits (and I WILL get them), I will get them because of the system I just explained to gold members.

And at this point, I don’t think I will be putting this (amazing) system up on Amazon. There is no way I will be giving out this system for just $2.99. However, how good this system is will be proven (or disproven) this and the next week or two. I will be sending out pictures of my wins as soon as I get them.

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