I Just Hit 079 Straight in New York


I got this hit using the the brand new Straight Number System I have been talking about now for about 3 weeks. I started using this system last week in New York (Sun July 30 to Sat Aug 5) but I got no hits. But I got a hit this week (Sun Aug 6 to Sat Aug 12). I made an improvement to the system a few days ago (which will result in MORE straight hits in the near future). Let me be clear on this point: this system requires that you play the numbers it gives you online at 5dimes.com. You can NOT use this system playing the numbers it gives you at the store by you; the numbers must be played online. So learning this system is only helpful for those who have an online account or those who are thinking about getting an online account. I explain how 5dimes works in two books: in the second part of Secrets-3, which you can find HERE and in Book-40, which you can find HERE.

UPDATE: I made an improvement to this system a few days ago. If I would have known about this improvement last week, I would have gotten several hits last week and this week. However, I only explained this improvement to Gold members. This improvement to the system will result in more straight hits. This system, by the way, works in ALL states. 

GOLD Special: If you are on my email list, you should know this: I am offering a Special price on Gold membership this week. Gold membership is normally $60 a month – but this week you can get 3 months of Gold membership for the price of one. This means that if you join today (August 11), you will have Gold membership until November 11; and it will only cost you $60. This also includes access to my Pick 4 programs and getting the Leader Report every Sunday morning for the next 3 months. This offer expires this SUNDAY AUGUST 12. If you want to take advantage of this Special, email me with “GOLD-3 Months Special” on the subject line of your email and I will send you a Paypal invoice right away. I will give you access right after I accept payment.  I will also send you the reports explaining my straight number system plus the improvement I made to it a few days ago. You can email me at aanewyork4000@gmail.com.

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