The Win 4 DAILY HITS Program is up! (TODAYS Numbers)

Good news!
The Daily Hits program for the Win 4 game is up!

> WIN 4 DAILY HITS <<<<==== NEW Program!

This is a Gold members only program. If you are a Gold member, you can login right now and enter the last 4 numbers that hit your state, and the program will give you the best doubles and singles to play in your state TODAY. 

These numbers are to be played at The program gives you three sets of doubles or 108 doubles (36 X 3). That may seem like alot….but 5dimes pays $750 on a $1 double hit (YES…$750). And it pays $187.50 on a 0.25 cent double hit. Playing 108 doubles will cost $54 per day on two draws per day states (if played for 0.25 cents)…but you will win $108.50. Below are some strategies I recommend to get the most out of this program.

STRATEGY 1: You need a account to play these numbers and show a profit. I explain how works (and the traps to avoid) on the 2nd part of Secrets-3 and in Book-40.

STRATEGY 2: Go back 10 to 30 days and see what you got each day if you used the program: did you Win or Lose? This will give you a good idea of the rhythm of the game. The pattern can look like this: WWLWWLWLWWWLWW

STRATEGY 3: Get 5 paper hits BEFORE you put any money on these numbers. Read this:

STRATEGY 4: You can put money on the numbers AFTER you have won 5 times on paper. Do not rush this. Take your time. You will learn alot from getting these 5 paper hits on paper first.

STRATEGY 5: Even if you do not want to use, this program will still be helpful because it will tell you what are the doubles and singles that are most likely to hit TODAY. Use whatever workout or system you use to narrow down the numbers. One strategy you can use is to use your regular workout and then look for the numbers on the list provided by the program. Only play those numbers that show up on both your workout and the program.

The Pick 3 DAILY HITS program should be up
within 48 hours …it may be up TODAY!
You have to be a Gold member to access both of these daily hits programs. Gold membership is $60 for 30 days. If you would like to join for the next 30 days, email me with $60-GOLD on the subject line of your email and I will send you a Paypal invoice for $60. I will send you a username and password to log into my programs right after I get payment. You can email me at Below are the instructions that come with the Win 4 program.


Enter the last four Win 4 numbers that hit your state. The very first
number on the list should be the last (most recent) number that hit. The second number the previous number that hit, and so forth. This program will give you three sets of doubles and 175 singles. These numbers are good for the next two drawings. If you are in a two draw per day state, do the workout at night; the numbers you get will be good for the two drawings of the following day. If you are in Georgia, use this program at night. Use the last 3 numbers that hit plus the last number from the previous day. If you are in Texas, use the last 4 numbers at night; the numbers you get will be good for the first two drawings of the following day. After the first two Texas drawings, use the last two morning numbers and the last two numbers from the previous day; the numbers you get will be good for the two evening drawings.


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