“I’m well on my way to winning 1,500.00..”

I just got two testimonials regarding the Daily Hits system. Book-3, which explains the system, will be up on Amazon today or tomorrow!

Anthony, Just a quick note to let you know that out of 12 bets I have placed the last 2 days using your Pick 3 Daily system I have won 9 of them. I’m well on my way to winning 1,500.00 plus for the month of November! That’s using only .25 and .50 bets so far. I can’t wait til I get to $1 and $2 bets…it will mean an extra vacation to the Caribbean every year and maybe more. So far the results are great…Thanks for all you do! Mike.

UPDATE for NOV 3: Mike just sent me this:



I also got a second testimonial from a Gold member who got 4 hits today using the Daily Hits system in Florida, Ontario, California and New Jersey, as you can see below. 


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