The BEST of the BEST

Hi Anthony. Please send me the $29 PayPal Invoice for the Key Playlist Report (good for all states). Do you feel that this is the “Best Yet” and should be used above any other method you have?

YES: This is the BEST system I have ever come up with. All you need to know are the last TWO numbers that hit your state. Use these two numbers to get the three (or sometimes two) digit KEY. Then go to the Key Playlist Report and look for that Key (see my previous two posts). The playlist for the key will be listed. Simple.

And best of all, this system is PROFITABLE: You WILL make money with this system if you play the numbers at Just make sure to STOP playing when you see two or more doubles hitting (especially after two or more weeks have gone by with no doubles hitting). Take a short break when you see doubles hitting (2 to 5 days) – then jump back into the game.

However, you have to know how to get the key based on the last two numbers that hit, this means that you should read Book-3 and understand how to do the simple workout I explain in the book. Its just a matter of writing the magic square on a piece of paper and then crossing off the digits from the last two numbers that hit. The top three digits make up the key. Look for the key in the Key Playlist Report and the numbers to play for the next two drawings will be listed.

Read the report at the bottom of this post (click on link to open the report) if you are interested in purchasing the Key Playlist Report ($60 for just the report, $99 for both the report plus 3 months of Gold access, $29 if you are currently a Gold member).

See page 3 of the attached report.
Please email me back the keys for these numbers:

838 + 375 = Key ?
680 + 431 = Key ?
243 + 956 = Key ?

You can request the Key Playlist Report AFTER you have sent me the keys for the three sets of numbers above.

Click on link below to open my latest report.

How to Use the Key Playlist Report

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