Do This to Improve Your Game!

Here is a list of numbers for New York for this week (now to Saturday night, Feb 3) that may be a little better than the numbers I predicted in the last report I sent out (“A Simple Pairs Strategy“; click on the link on the previous post to upload it). The best number for NY this week (now to Sat Feb 3) is 279. I would also play 276 just in case the 9 flips and hits as a 6. 

Also: 238, 421, 209 (206), 589, 586.

NOTE: 589 and 586 look very good given the fact that 3 of the 4 most due pairs in NY right now are 89, 59, and 56. 

Two doubles: 663 and 668 (which may also hit as 993 or 998).

VERY IMPORTANT: You should always know what are the 4 most due pairs in your state at any point in time. This will help you narrow down your playlist and tell you what are the best numbers to play; numbers that have one or two of the 4 due pairs are automatically good numbers to play.

DO THIS TO IMPROVE YOUR GAME: Get yourself a little notebook (3 X 5 inches) and write the 4 most due pairs (explained in the “Simple Pairs Strategy” report: see the previous post). You can write your predictions here as well based on the 4 due pairs. Write down the number that hit with one of the pairs; then write the new set of 4 due pairs. Always update the list of 4 due pairs after one of them hits. Reviewing your notes regularly (pairs, predictions, and the number that hit with one of the due pairs) will teach you alot. I AM DOING THIS MYSELF NOW and I am learning a great deal.

Insofar as the other states are concerned: I am working on a 7 day system where you would get the numbers on Saturday night and they will be good for the next 7 days (Sunday to Saturday). I am still working on the system. Once its completed, I will put up a program that gives you the numbers. I may also write a report on it so anybody can get the numbers using a pen and paper workout.


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