I Won $112.50 This Week (Profit: $46)

Before I learn your 7 day coding program I would like to try it first by buying these 20 numbers from you every week (7 days). Please let me know if you are willing to sell me the 20 numbers from your 7 days coding program and how much it will cost.

No need to buy anything. I will be posting my two pairs for New York for free TONIGHT. I will also send out the pairs via email. You should see one or both pairs hitting in the next 7 days in New York (this system works in ALL states; you will be able to find the two hottest pairs in your state after you learn this system). I may include a 3rd or 4th “bonus pairs” as well; these are pairs that show up on the 4-Due Pairs program for New York and also on my coding system. However, in the beginning, just stick to the first two pairs; they are the best ones. Here is my post from Sunday March 4 where I predicted the pairs for this week (56, 36, 35)-HERE. Pair 36 hit twice; I hit them both!

I hit 363 Box on Tuesday (March 6)363-March 6, 2018

I hit 836 Box on Thursday (March 8)
836-March 8, 2018

I won $75 on 363.
I won $37.50 on 836
Total Won: $112.50
Investment: $66.50
Profit: $46

NOTE: Pairs 56 and 36 have a common number: 356. Therefore, I played 19 numbers this week (not 20). This means I spent $4.75 per drawing at 5dimes.com (all numbers played box for 0.25 cents). I spent $4.75 X 14 or $66.50 for the week. My profit was $46. I will be putting more money on these pairs in the future. For now, however, I will go easy and just put 0.25 cents on them.

VERY IMPORTANT: The reason  why I hit the same pair twice is because of my Blanket Betting strategy; I played all 19 numbers for the ENTIRE week at one time on Sunday morning (March 4). This means I spent the $66.50 in one shot (you can do this from 5dimes.com). Otherwise, I would have not  continued playing the same pair (36) after it hit on Tuesday. 

I will be posting the pairs I will be playing this coming week in New York TONIGHT (Saturday March 10). I will also send the pairs out by email. You should see these pairs hitting 2 or 3 times this coming week. There WILL be misses on certain weeks (nothing works all the time) but overall, this system will give you 2 to 3 hits most weeks, and some of those hits will be DOUBLES (as my 363 hit this week).

This is all based on my 7 Day Coding System, which I explain HERE.  – UPDATE: the training now has 23 lessons! My goal is to teach you everything...so you become as good as I am! To sign up for my 7 Day Coding Training System, email me with “$60-Coding System” on the subject line of your email. I will send you a Paypal invoice for $60 right away. You will get the first lesson (via email) right after I get payment. You can email me at aanewyork4000@gmail.com

UPDATE: The 7 Day Coding System report will be ready sometime before March 17.


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