How to Make $3,388 Every Month Playing Pick 3

I am putting the finishing touches on my 7 Day Coding System report. This is a 180+ page document explaining my coding system; the same coding system I used to get 6 HITS in a 5 DAY period! Check out the hits HERE.

I thought I would be done by now, but I keep finding better strategies the deeper I go into the system. For example, just today I added a new strategy to the report explaining how you can use this system to win $3,388 every month playing Pick 3. This is something that I will be doing myself soon – I just need to get a few more winning weeks under my belt – then I will go ALL IN!

This $3,388 System is completely based on knowing how to code your state; and that is what I explain in detail in this report. (However, you can start to actually DO the coding by taking my Coding Program now. For details, go HERE. )

If you are currently on my Coding Program, reading this report will increase your understanding of my coding system. And if you are not, it will be a great introduction. It also explains several ADVANCED strategies that I do NOT teach in my Coding Program. 

BONUS: I also explain in this report how to do many parts of the coding process by hand (Pen and Paper Systems that do NOT require the use of my programs or EXCEL).

Instead of rushing things, I will push back the release date to Saturday March 24. If you paid the $29 for the basic report, I will email it to you right after its completed. If you are currently on my Coding Program, you will get this report for FREE. Same thing if you join my Coding Program before March 24; the 7 Day Coding System report will be included with your training. AFTER March 24, this report will be a separate product. It will be priced at $60 for everybody. I repeat; After MARCH 24, my 7 Day Coding System report will be priced at $60 for everyone (even those taking my Coding Program).

However, if you pre-pay for the report now (before March 24), you can get it for $29. To pre-pay for this report, email me with this on the subject line of your email: $29-7 Day Coding System Report. I will send you a Paypal invoice for $29 right away. Right after I get payment, I will email you the basic report (same one I send out to those taking my Coding Program) which explains the basics of my coding system (31 pages). You will get this right away by email (its a PDF). You will get the full report (also a PDF, over 180 pages) when its completed sometime around March 24. After March 24, this report will be priced at $60 (no exceptions). 

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