FREE Chapter from the 7 Day Coding System Report!

Sorry…but I have to delay the release of my 7 Day Coding System Report by another two weeks. I say it should be ready by April 14. However, I will make up for this right now. You can get a FREE chapter from my upcoming report by clicking on the link below; it will open up a PDF containing a chapter from my upcoming 7 Day Coding System Report (if you can not download or open this PDF, email me with SEND FREE CHAPTER on the subject line of your email and I will email it to you. You can email me at 

Losing Weeks–Winning Weeks

Take a look at THIS PAGE.  I added dividers to separate the weeks.
Now you can clearly see if a particular week was a Winning Week or a Losing Week. This week (SUN March 18 to SAT March 24) will will most likely be a Losing Week in New York – unless pair 17 or 67 hit tonight. I explain this in more detail in the free chapter. Read page 5 of the chapter carefully. You can learn more about my 7 Day Coding System HERE. 


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