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Two Hot Pairs for New York: 17, 67

Two Pairs for this Week in New York: 17, 67 Good for 7 Days: SUN March 18–SAT March 24

How to Make $3,388 Every Month Playing Pick 3

I am putting the finishing touches on my 7 Day Coding System report. This is a 180+ page document explaining my coding system; the same coding system I used to get 6 HITS in a 5 DAY period! Check out the hits HERE. I thought I would be done by now, but I keep finding better […]

31 Numbers for New York

My coding system can be used to find hot numbers as well. I started out using it to identify just two box numbers, but I have noticed that its even better to get a bigger list. Below are the numbers based on the 31 hottest codes for NY right now. I am currently not using […]

I Hit AGAIN! – 069 in New York (Pair 60)

Another Hit! I suggest you learn my 7 Day Coding System, which I explain HERE  – before I raise the price! NEW Report – Click on link below to open it!  Make Money With Me

I Hit AGAIN! – 490 Box Today in New York (Pair 40)

This is my 5th hit in 6 days! Check it out HERE! I predicted pair 40 for this week in New York and it hit today in the number 490. I said recently that I have found the Final Solution to the Pick 3 riddle – I was NOT kidding: I really have found it! […]

Two Hot Pairs for New York: 40, 60

Pairs Good for this Week in New York: 40, 60 Good for 7 Days: SUN March 11–SAT March 17 ================================================ 069 – Monday March 12 490 – Sunday March 11 ================================================ 4 Hits Last Week! – Check them out HERE.       

This is a Complex System (Not Easy)

I explain my 7 Day Coding System HERE. Read the entire page. Notice what I say on the bottom; using this system is NOT easy. This is a complicated system. I have people paying for this course…and quitting after a few lessons (or maybe they are taking a really long time completing the lesson…I don’t […]