10 Box Numbers for NY

10 Box Numbers Good for NY for 6 Days: April 9-14
357, 631, 215, 279, 637, 629, 328, 310, 418, 459

BEST TWO: 631 and 215



Why don’t you simply do the calculations and sell the numbers monthly by membership? And how often do you end the month with a positive ROI without using 5dimes?

Its not that simple. Coding is a complicated and time consuming process. That is why I am teaching this; so players can do it on their own. I do not have the time (or manpower) to be coding several states. 

If you are not using 5dimes, you will then have to play less numbers.
There is a ONE Number System that I teach in the Coding Report that is perfect for this. You can learn more about my Coding Report and the Training I offer HERE.






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