I Hit 771 in New York (The 7 Day Club)

I hit 771 yesterday in New York (April 18, 2018). Below is a picture of the back office of my 5dimes account showing the hit. Below it is a closeup of the left and the right sides of the picture. 

771-April 18, 2018



This could have been a straight hit – but I only played it box. (To be honest with you, what I LEARNED from this hit is more important than the money.) I am going to write a very DETAILED explanation of exactly how I got this hit – but you will have to be a member of the 7 Day Club to get this special report.

What is the 7 Day Club?

The 7 Day Club is made up of those who have purchased the Report or Training that I explain HERE. So if you have the Report or are taking or already completed the Training, you are automatically a 7 Day Club member. (NOTE: I am calling it the 7 Day Club because its members understand my 7 Day Coding System).

I am doing this because in my explanation of how I got the 771 hit I will have to reference many of the strategies of my 7 Day Coding System – so only those familiar with the system will understand what I will be explaining in the report (I also do not want to give away some of the secrets I will be revealing for free).

If you have not done so already, consider purchasing the Report or Training (and also take a look at my $99 Special). I will be sending out this new report in a few days. I will try to get it ready within 48 hours.

 GOOD NEWS! – The Kindle that explains the basics of my coding system will be up on Amazon soon (hopefully in less than 7 days). It will be priced at just $2.99 on Amazon! You will be able to get the PDF for $9.99. The PDF will include 30 day access to my programs. I will send out an email when the PDF and Kindle are ready.





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