I Hit 926 Today in New York

926-April 24, 2018

This hit is based on one of the two pairs I predicted on Saturday night (see my previous post). This is one of the two hot pairs for this week: 19 and 29. I got this hit and all the hits on THIS PAGE using my 7 Day Coding System which I explain HERE.  What I want you to pay attention to here is the consistency of these hits; this system is giving me hits almost every week! 

I have a few updates. 

UPDATE #1: The Kindle edition will be up on Amazon in a day or two!

UPDATE #2: In the Report I discuss playing the hot pairs after a losing week. It turns out that it is better to wait for TWO back to back losing weeks for singles (123, 456, 789, etc) – and them play that pair (I explain playing cold pairs in the Report). And you should wait THREE back to back losing weeks before playing the hottest  DOUBLE pair (11, 22, 33, etc – I discus this in detail in the coding Report HERE). Example: The 771 hit I got last week was the result of me noticing that the double code that this number is based on had not hit the previous 3 weeks. This told me to play this double pair the following week (April 15-21) and it hit on April 18.


UPDATE #3: I said I would write a report explaining this hit. I actually have a few other IMPROVEMENTS and Updates to the system that will make it even better. I will explain all these improvements in a new report. I already started working on it! 


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