309 Straight in New York: $900 Won (NEW 2-Pair Program)

I just got this testimonial:

Hello Anthony, It’s your pal JR. I’m writing this quick email to tell you Thank You!! I hit 309 straight yesterday in New York which was a $900 payday for me. I normally just play the 2 Hottest Pairs Box but this time I wanted to go for the Full Monty and played Pair 30, which is one of the 2 Hottest Pairs this week with all 10 combos.  This cost me around $54 when I placed my bet. Also thanks for all you taught me in your AWESOME Coding Training program. This System Works and like I said before, you definitely know your stuff my friend and I’m glad I took your Training because what you are teaching is pure GOLD. So I just wanted to take a second to message you to say Thanks. I’m so excited and look forward to many more wins!



The Coding Shortcut

I have already revealed how you can identify two hot pairs for your state WITHOUT having to code the numbers in your state. Basically, I have given away a great secret. I have taught how you can find 2 hot pairs in your state for the next 7 days without going through the challenging process of learning my coding system. Just look at the two posts before this one; THIS post and THIS one ; these two posts explain how to identify 2 hot pairs quickly (no coding required).  And I just put up a new program that will give you these two pairs (and the corresponding playlists) automatically. This program is right above the 10-Due pairs program on the menu. NOTE: Pay special attention when one or both of the 2 pairs also shows up as one of the 10 Due pairs. This makes that pair (or pairs) super hot and it will most likely hit in the next 7 days (14 drawings). I recommend that you use this 2-Hot Pairs program on SATURDAY NIGHT after the evening drawing. The pairs will be good for the next 7 days. Re-do the workout (enter the last 40 numbers that hit) again the following Saturday after the evening drawing. 

Pairs Programs

Below is the output from the program based on the last 40 numbers that hit New York as of Saturday April 28. The number 309 is in the output straight. However, this will NOT always be the case; most of the time the hits will be box hits. (Pair 14 hit in the numbers 154 and 041.)

Two Hot Pairs
40 Numbers used:
545 952 456 041 649 218 338 656 578 926
121 096 218 232 501 181 785 741 437 225
816 771 441 710 914 762 601 364 105 312
049 831 343 490 295 792 524 788 464 485

1 4 2 5 6
8 7 3 9 0

Two Hot Pairs: 14, 30
Good for the Next 7 Days (14 Drawings)
140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149
300 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309


To learn specifically which codes and numbers are the hottest in your specific state (if its not New York), you would have to learn my coding system which I explain HERE. However, this 2-pair strategy should work in most or all states because the two pairs cover both extremes; the first pair is made up of the two hottest digits and the second pair is made up of two cold digits.

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