Should You Play Cold or Due Numbers?

Quick question, I’ve been frustrated about something so I thought you might have insight about it. I’ve been playing the 2017 “no hit list” in Virginia- basically numbers that have not dropped since 2016. The list started with about 13 numbers and it’s down to four numbers so they have been falling and out of the four numbers left, 3 are triples so I don’t put a lot of money on those daily because they are rare to begin with. (111, 222, 333) The last number is a double so I’ve been boxing that and buying in bulk (664) this number has not been drawn in VA pick 3 since November 22, 2016. A whopping 538 days ago, or roughly almost 1,080 draws since we have two a day. Shouldn’t this number absolutely drop any day now?? Considering pick 3 only has 1000 possible combinations and doubles only have 90 combinations (when boxed or combo). Shouldn’t this statistically be dropping soon?? What do you think? I’m so sick of wasting money every day but I’m scared the minute I stop playing it, it will come!

Playing cold or due numbers is a BAD idea.

It is possible for the due numbers that you are playing to stay cold for another YEAR or two….so you can be throwing money down the drain. The reason why I came up with my coding system is to identify numbers that will be hitting in the next 7 days. It does not always work – but at least I know that I will only be playing those numbers for 7 days. I am not stuck playing numbers for weeks or months at a time (and losing a lot of money in the process) – after 7 days, I am done; I will be playing a new set of numbers the following week.

So I do not advice that you or anybody else play due or cold numbers because you have no idea when they will be hitting again. That cold number can stay cold for another year.

One more thing: Your motivation to NOT lose money should be greater than your motivation to win money. Right now you are doing what you are doing because of the possibility that you can win. I want you to turn that around and think; “what if I spend all this money and LOSE it all?” This will make you look at things differently.

Finally, learn my coding system so you can identify PAIRS that have a good chance of hitting in the next 7 days. At the very least, see if my 2-Hot Pairs program works in your state (it does not work in all states). It is better to identify pairs that will be hitting soon, rather than playing numbers that may stay cold for another year.

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