11 Rules: My $40,000 System

I learn the most when I LOSE.

I lost alot of money this week because I started to play the numbers from the top 3 pairs STRAIGHT (3 pairs = 30 numbers = 150 straight numbers). But so far, pairs 19, 96, and 76 have not hit New York this week. This loss has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It showed me where my game was weak and pointed out to me (quite clearly) what I have to improve to take my game to the next level. My system works as you can see HERE – but I have to make some modifications to make the Big Money.

I just wrote down 11 Rules to play the Perfect Pick 3 game. Follow these rules and your game will improve. Period. But there is more. These 11 Rules lay the foundation of my BIG GOAL: making $40,000 playing Pick 3 and Win 4 (one of the Rules deals with the Win 4 game). This seems impossible…until you read this report.

This report will be included in Book-3 (this is the follow up to the Coding Report, you can see the cover of Book-3 below, you can learn more about the Coding Report HERE). Book-3 will be out in about a week – but I will send out this 11 Rules Report to you as a stand alone report if you pre-pay for Book-3 (if you already pre-paid for Book-3, you will be getting the 11 Rules Report later TODAY).


The cost of Book-3 (and the 11 Rules Report) is $60.

To get this 11 Rules Report (and Book-3 in a week), email me with this on the subject line of your email-“$60-Book-3-11 Rules Report TODAY-60” and I will send you a PayPal invoice right away. After I get payment, I will send you the 11 Rules Report later today (Thursday May 17). This report explains how I plan to go about winning $40,000 playing Pick 3 and Win 4. I will also add 60 days to your account. I will email you Book-3 in about a week (it should be completed by MAY 23). You can email me at aanewyork4000@gmail.com

NOTE: You need to purchase the Coding Report before purchasing Book-3 (or else you will be lost). No need to buy the Introduction since its included in the Coding Report. 

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