Book-3 Sent!

If you paid for Book-3 and you sent me back the answers to the 5 questions, check your inbox; you should have Book-3 (click on link below to learn all that is included in Book-3). 


To learn more about my 7 Day Coding System, go to THIS PAGE. 

Book-1 is the Introduction. 
You can get this for just $2.99 on Amazon HERE.

Book-2 is the Coding Report.

Book-3 is the 3 Week Trigger (NEW!)


Proof that it Works!

I posted 3 pairs for New York on Saturday night: 08, 86, 26. The number 018 hit the next day and I hit it! 268 hit afterwards!

268-May 22

018-May 20

See my other hits HERE. 

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