5 HITS in 4 DAYS (890, 694, 489, 038, 664)!

I have started to write Book-4.

I am going to keep this one short so I can finish it quickly (when the book is too long, it can take me a month or two to finish it). Not sure about the title, but it will most likely be The 8-Set. This 8-set refers to 8 numbers that hit over and over again. These numbers are “hidden” in the distribution box. One of these numbers already hit NY: 038 hit New York yesterday. Best thing about these 8 numbers is that no coding is required; you just need to know my little secret to identify them.

Here is another update I will be explaining in Book-4: you only need to use the last 200 codes to find the hottest pair codes. When I do that for NY, the top 3 pair codes are 89, 12, and 18. These are NOT the codes I came up with when using the last 350+ codes; these codes are much more accurate. For example, the distribution box for NY for this week (June 10-16) is 59830-12746.

Visual Digit Distribution-40
40 Numbers used:
588 691 818 174 052 978 513 023 961 011
999 793 927 017 432 819 841 052 359 287
903 827 204 355 075 550 933 988 314 050
873 990 265 435 985 531 268 702 566 385

5 9 8 3 0
1 2 7 4 6

This means that pair code 89 = Pair 46 –> 694–664
This means that pair code 12 = Pair 98–> 890–489
This means that pair code 18 = Pair 94–> 694

Pair 46: The number 694 hit NY on Monday June 11.
Pair 46: The number 664 hit NY TODAY for Midday! (June 13)
Pair 98: The number 890 hit NY on Sunday June 10.
Pair 98: The number 489 hit NY yesterday (Tuesday June 12).
Pair 94: The number 694 hit NY on Monday June 11.

That’s 4 hits in 4 days!

When you add my 8 Number System (038), that comes out to
5 hits in 4 days!

This is way more accurate than the previous system I was using for identifying the hottest codes.

Why didn’t I get these hits?

Because I was using the last 300-400+ codes to find the hottest pair codes. It turns that is TOO MANY. I have to stay “local” and only use the most recent 200 codes. For this you would look at the hottest pairs in the last 40, 70, 100, 150, and 200 codes. Look at what pairs show up on top of the list in the output; these are the best pairs to play for the next 7 days (I will be adding a 150 pair program soon).


IF YOU ARE USING MY 7 DAY CODING SYSTEM-Only use the last 200 codes from now on to identify the hottest pairs. Use the the 40, 70, 100, 150, and 200 Pair programs to identify the hottest pairs.

NEW STRATEGY-You do not have to wait for the end of the week to get this weeks codes. Code the numbers you have now (Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed) and add them to your Excel sheet. These NEW codes will make a big difference in the hot pairs you end up with.

IF YOU HAVE NOT LEARNED MY 7 DAY CODING SYSTEM-I suggest you learn the system because most of my future updates will deal with this system. The best way to learn the basics of this system is to (1) buy the Kindle (just $2.99): HERE and then (2) buy the Coding Report ($60) explained HERE.

Book-4 will be short – but POWERFUL.

The 200 code strategy I just mentioned is just one of the strategies that I will be explaining in more detail in the book. The other one is my NEW 8 number system. These 8 numbers tend to hit about once or twice PER WEEK. I will be looking at other states to see how frequently these 8 numbers hit.

If you would like to get this powerful 8 number strategy, you can get it by pre-paying for Book-4 now. This will include 60 days of Gold access. If you pre-pay for Book-4, I will add 60 days of Gold membership to your account right away. I will also send you my new 8 number strategy in a day or two. You will be among the first people to get Book-4 when its ready in a week or two. The price for Book-4 is $60.

If interested, email me with $60-BOOK4-8 NUMBER SYSTEM on the subject line of your email. I will add 60 days to your account after I get payment. You will get an explanation of my 8 Number System in a day or two. You will get Book-4 in a week or two.



I just happen to be looking at the distribution box for GEORGIA for MAY 5. It turns out that 3 of the 8 numbers from my 8 Number System hit the following week (May 6–May 12).

584 Hit Georgia on Sunday May 6.

546 Hit Georgia on Monday May 7.

801 Hit Georgia on Thursday May 10.

These are 3 of the 8 numbers for GA that week. This means that if you play GA numbers, you only had to play 8 numbers to get these 3 hits. There are MANY hits like this in pretty much all the states (more in states that have 2 or more drawings per day). When I have the time, I will sit down and look for other hits from other states.

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