Book-704 – Advanced Coding Strategies

The 7 Day Coding System is my most advanced Pick 3 system. This is the system I am using to hit the Pick 3 game 1 to 7 times PER WEEK, as you can see HERE. There are currently 3 books or reports that explain how this system works. 

BOOK-1 is the Introduction. This is a Kindle priced at just $2.99. You can find it HERE. 

BOOK-2 is The Coding Report which I explain here. 

BOOK-3 is The 3 Week Trigger which I explain here

Book-4 will be up on Amazon as a Kindle today or tomorrow. It will be priced at $9.99. This book or Kindle will have my most ADVANCED coding strategies, so it is actually meant for those players who already purchased one or more of the previous 3 books or who took my Training. If you did, I ALREADY SENT IT TO YOU –  so you will not have to purchase this Kindle. You are welcome to read it (if you are curious) if you have NOT read any of the 3 previous books – but do not expect to understand everything I am discussing in the book because the book assumes that you already know how to code the Pick 3 game. 

I have had other “book” series in the past (as you can see HERE) so to avoid confusion with my previous books, I decided to number this 4th book 704 (700 refers to the 7 Day Coding System and the 4 means that this is the 4th book in the series: Book-704). Below is the Kindle book cover. 



The INTRODUCTION of Book-704 is FREE. This is a 7 page PDF. To get it, email me with SEND INTRO to BOOK-704 on the subject line of your email and I will email it to you right away. 

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