Good for NY This Week: 269, 356, 456, 579

Good for New York until Saturday July 14: 

269, 356, 456, 579


795 Hit New York on Sunday July 8. 795-July 8


Advanced Coding Strategy

If you use my coding system, do this: enter all the codes you have into the Group Matching System program. Look at the top (hottest) 8 to 15 codes. These will most likely be the 9-way, 8-way, 7-way, etc codes in the output. Look to see if any of these hot codes hit this week in your state. If any of them hit, cross them off your list. Then look at the codes from the previous week and see if any of them are there; cross them off your list. Keep removing codes until you end up with 4 or 5 codes. These are the most due codes. Not only are these due codes, they are HOT due codes. Now, enter the 40 number distribution into the Anchor (starting from the number that hit last night, Saturday July 7); this will tell you the actual 4 or 5 numbers to play this week in your state (Sunday July 8 to Saturday July 14). There is an excellent chance that one or more of these numbers will hit this week. If none of them hit this week, get the corresponding numbers for the SAME due codes on Saturday night (July 14); play these numbers the following week. One or more of the due codes should hit this or next week.

To learn my 7 Day Coding System (to learn how to come up with just 4 or 5 SUPER hot numbers to play in your state), go HERE.  

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