FREE TRAINING (Coding System) – Avoid Win 4

How well is my coding system working recently?

To answer that question at any point in time, go HERE.

As you can see, my last 3 hits were STRAIGHT.

I hit 871 straight on July 26.
I hit 696 straight on July 24.
I hit 145 straight on July 19.

And it gets even better:
I am only predicting 5 numbers for New York this week (not the 10 numbers I regularly predict). And even though I am posting less numbers, I am STILL expecting to see one or two straight hits this week! And even if I don’t hit this week, that is OK because when you are playing just 5 numbers at, you only need to get ONE hit in TWO weeks to show a profit because the payout for a straight hit is $225 (the numbers are played for 0.25 cent straight). The numbers work like this:

5 box numbers = 5 X 6 = 30 straight numbers
30 numbers played for 0.25 cents = $7.50 per drawing
$7.50 X 14 drawings = $105 spent per week 
$105 X 2 weeks = $210

So just one hit in two weeks will make playing 5 box numbers (or 30 straight numbers) profitable.

How did I come up with these 5 numbers? I identified the hottest 15 codes, then I see which of these codes hit last week and crossed them off the list. I looked at last weeks codes and removed any codes that hit as well. I kept doing this until I had 5 hot (and very due) codes; then I turned these into numbers.

Which brings up an interesting point; I have been getting several emails lately from people who purchased The Coding Report. The questions that I am being asked are already answered on the Report. However, there is no substitute for actually DOING the coding (as opposed to just reading about it) which is why I also have a Training where I personally coach you (via email) on how to code the Pick 3 game. I explain the Training here:

I am bringing this up because I am offering a FREEBIE here for those of you who recently purchased The Coding Report. Here is the FREE offer; email me with 3 LESSONS in front of the code on the last page of the report; so this will be on the subject line of your email: 3 LESSONS-XXXX (XXXX is the code on the last page of The Coding Report). Do this and I will give you the first 3 lessons of the Training for FREE.

These 3 lessons will give you basic training on how to code the Pick 3 game in your state. If you find these free lessons useful, you can continue the Training if you wish (its $60, there are about 17 lessons). Again, to get my the first 3 lessons of my Training, email me with this on the subject line of your email: 3 LESSONS-XXXX (where XXXX is the code found on the last page of The Coding Report). 


Pick 3 Only (Avoid Win 4 for Now)

One more thing; I am making a great deal of progress in the Pick 3 game and that is because I am completely focused on it. I post my predictions on Saturday night (based on my coding system) and then see what hits during the week. What hits (and does not hit) gives me very valuable feedback which I use to improve my number selection for the following week. This ongoing cycle of predicting numbers, seeing what actually hits, and then improving my system based on what I learn is extremely effective.

I bring this up because I have also been getting questions about the Win 4 game and my response is basically this; master one game at the time. Focus completely on the Pick 3 game. If and when you find a system that works in the Pick 3 game consistently, then and only then should you move onto the Win 4 game – otherwise, you are just throwing your money away. This is easier said than done; however, it looks like the 7 Day Coding System is a system that can be used to generate consistent hits in the Pick 3 game.

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