This takes WORK!

Hey, Im wondering if you have any strategy for Pick 3
for Ontario, Canada lottery? I’m willing to pay, no problem.

My coding system works perfectly in Ontario. Its just a matter of learning it.

Did you get my 14 Number Report

It includes a FREE 60 page report and an Excel sheet that will give you both the hottest pair in NY and the hottest numbers once the 40 number distribution is entered on Saturday night.

If you learn my coding system, you can use the same Excel sheet in Ontario. Just find out what are the hottest codes in Ontario (which you will know once you code at least 20 weeks in Ontario).

Simply replace my hot pair with the hottest pair in Ontario and replace my top 10 codes with the top 10 codes in Ontario (the same is true for any and all states: so you can use the same sheet in all states
assuming you have the hottest pair and codes of that state.)

This system works and here is the proof:

YES; this works– but guess what?

It requires alot of WORK.

I hit almost every week – but I put in a great deal of TIME and EFFORT into making this work; which apparently most people are not willing to do. (People want me to send them numbers, which is a one time thing; if they learn this system they will be able to get the hottest numbers for their state without asking me).

I do not have the time to code all the states – but I am willing to teach you and everybody on my list my system; the Kindle is just $2.99 HERE.  – but it looks like most people are just too lazy (or they find the system too complex, which is understandable).

So there you have it; you can put in the time and effort to learn my coding system; or keep guessing what will hit next in your states Pick 3 game…while losing money in the process.

(And if you think Pick 3 is hard – STOP trying to hit Win 4 because the Win 4 game is literally 10 times more difficult than the Pick 3 game.)

FREE Stuff:

Email me with SEND 14 NUMBER REPORT on the subject line of your email if you did not get my FREE report. You can email me at

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