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The Ultimate System, Complexity, and the Free Test

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This takes WORK!

EMAIL I JUST GOT Hey, Im wondering if you have any strategy for Pick 3 for Ontario, Canada lottery? I’m willing to pay, no problem. MY RESPONSE My coding system works perfectly in Ontario. Its just a matter of learning it. Did you get my 14 Number Report?  It includes a FREE 60 page report and […]

138 Predicted by My Excel Sheet

The number 381 just hit New York and the 40 number distribution for NY this week (as of Saturday August 18) is 71235-90486.  Two Hot Pairs 40 Numbers used: 228 051 677 925 319 238 605 503 812 607 135 193 976 471 730 571 046 793 500 420 814 927 953 835 757 509 […]

I Just Hit 381 Straight in NY

I predicted this number on my previous post.  Get my FREE REPORT! – I will no longer be posting my predictions for New York. However, I just wrote a 60 page PDF report that explains the exact system I am using to make my super accurate predictions for the New York Pick 3 game. The report […]

Good for NY This Week: 46x

My ultimate solution to the Pick 3 game is playing the 10 numbers of the hottest pair plus the numbers corresponding to the 4 hottest codes. Good for New York until Saturday August 25 460, 461, 462, 463, 464, 465, 466, 467, 468, 469 018, 125, 138, 268 Two Hot Pairs 40 Numbers used: 228 051 […]

Goodbye–Part 1

Please see my previous post. Download the report and read it: How to Get $35,000. In that report I say that I am focusing on investing in Real Estate now. Actually, starting next month (September) I will be too busy with my Real Estate career to be putting much time into Pick 3. The timing […]

How to Get $35,000

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