The TEXAS Win 4 Excel Sheet is Ready!

The Texas Win 4 Excel sheet is ready!

This sheet is just like the one I did for NY…but it is coded to give you the hottest Win 4 numbers for TEXAS. 

It works the same way the NY sheet works: you enter the 40 number distribution on Saturday night. The numbers will be good for the next 6 days: Monday to Saturday (there are no drawings on Sunday in Texas).

The sheet has 3 sets of 5 numbers (15 in total).

Group A (the hottest group) has 5 singles.

Group B has 5 doubles.

Group C has 5 singles.

I recommend you play group A (5 singles) and the top
3 DOUBLES from group B EVERY WEEK; so it will be 8 numbers in total. This should give you 1 or 2 hits PER MONTH in Texas.

If you play all 15 numbers, you should get 1, 2 or 3 hits
PER WEEK in Texas. For best results, I recommend you
play these numbers at (email me if you do
not have my 5dimes report; write SEND 5DIMES REPORT on the subject line of your email to me).

At this point I only have the Excel sheet, which you should know how to use if you read my NY Win 4 Report (if you did not get it, email me with SEND NY WIN 4 REPORT on the subject line of your email and I will send it to you).

The report should be ready in a few days. This report
will go up on Amazon as a Kindle (those who purchase
the Kindle will have to email me the code on the last
page to get the Excel sheet). It will be priced at $2.99.
You can wait until it’s up on Amazon and purchase it

If you want the Excel sheet NOW, you can get it
for $9.99 (I will email you the report when its ready).
However, before you make this request, first email me the 40 number distribution report for TEXAS for AUG 18, AUG 25, and SEPT 1 (the sheet only works after you enter the 40 number distribution): TX NUMBERS. 

If you can get this distribution on your own, great.
If not, you will need access to my Win 4 programs. This requires Gold membership which is 3 months for $60.

If you think that $60 is a lot of money, read this:

Win $750, $1500, or $2250 Every Time You Hit! HERE

That is how I am playing the Win 4 game:
EVERY time I hit I will win $750, $1500, or $2250.

However, I am spending $182 PER WEEK.
Yes…that is a great deal of money (for some people) –
but I know what I am doing.

Which brings up an important point:
Win 4 is not for everyone.

You can win BIG playing Win 4 – but you will need my coding system (to get the best numbers to play) AND the bankroll to make the appropriate bets – and these bets should only be made at 5dimes to make the win amounts as HIGH as the ones I just mentioned; $750, $1500, $2250.

I am expecting to win one of these amounts THIS MONTH (now to September 30).

One more thing:
Win 4 for me is not a game.

Win 4 is a BUSINESS.

That is how I am approaching it. That means that I am putting more effort into making sure my codes and 40 number distribution are correct. I am also spending more time studying the codes and looking for hidden patterns and strategies to get the biggest advantage I can over the game.

Something to keep in mind is that both the NY and TX Excel sheets will give you hits now, but sooner or later the codes on the sheets will have to be updated…and if you are serious about this, this is something you should learn to do on your own – so you do not have to depend on me to do it.

So if you would like the Texas Excel sheet, first email
me the 40 number distribution for AUG 17, AUG 25,
and SEPT 1 (the sheet is useless without the 40 number distribution and I first need to make sure you know how to get it). 

After that, email me with this on the subject line of your email: $9.99-SEND TX WIN 4 SHEET. I will send you an invoice for $9.99; I will email you the sheet right after I get payment. I will email you the report when its completed in a few days. 

Otherwise, just wait until it goes up on Amazon in a week or two; it will be priced at just $2.99. Email me if you have any questions or comments at

You can Request the Win 4 Excel Sheet for YOUR State for $60

You can request the Win 4 Excel sheet for ANY State for $60. Only make this request if you currently have access to my GOLD programs (however, the $60 includes 60 days of Gold membership). If you are interested, email me with $60-X-WIN 4 SHEET on the subject line of your email with X being the state you want. So if you want the Excel sheet for the New Jersey Win 4 game, email with $60-New Jersey-WIN 4 SHEET on the subject line of your email. You should have the sheet in 30 to 60 days (more quickly if I am not too busy). 

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