CALIFORNIA Win 4 Numbers (Good until OCT 27)

The Win 4  program for California will be up later this week. In the meantime, here are the 12 numbers for the California Win 4 game, good for 3 weeks (OCT 7 to OCT 27). One of these numbers hit already on Saturday the 13th: 6298 (its on the list as 9268). Group A has 4 singles and 2 doubles (group A is the best) and group B has 6 doubles. 

Group A: 9172 9075 9268 1265 1388 2388
Group B: 4407 4478 4997 9903 0028 6588


Below are the instructions that will come with this program once its up on my site (you will need Gold membership to access this and all the other Win 4 programs). 

This program is only to be used ONCE a month.
Only use this program on the FIRST Saturday of the month.
For example, this program is to be used on these dates:

Saturday October 6, 2018
Saturday November 3, 2018
Saturday December 1, 2018
Saturday January 5, 2019
Saturday February 2, 2019
Saturday March 2, 2019

The numbers will be good for the next 3 weeks only (21 days). I do NOT recommend playing these numbers on the 4th or 5th week of the month. Wait until the following month to use this program again.

This program is only good for California and it should only be used on first SATURDAY of the month. The 12 numbers in the output will be good for the next 21 days. The FIRST of the 40 numbers is always the number that hit California on the first Saturday of the month. This program will give you two groups of numbers: A and B. Group A has 4 singles and 2 doubles; these are the BEST numbers to play in California. Group B has 6 doubles. NOTE: I have noticed that the hits from these programs tend to be concentrated; most of the hits will come in a single MONTH (3 WEEKS) after 1 or 2 losing months. So you will see a month or two go by with no hits and then you will see 3 or 4 hits in a single month (3 weeks). This basically means that you have to be consistent when playing these numbers.

2 MONTHS: You have to plan things out 2 MONTHS ahead of time. This means that if you are going to play the 6 numbers in group A, you will have to see how much it will cost you to play the numbers for the month (3 weeks) and then multiply that by 2; that is the budget you will need to get 1 to 3 HITS playing these numbers during the 2 months. In other words, you are not going to make any money playing these numbers randomly or draw to draw; you really have to plan ahead and play for the long term (at least 2 months or two cycles of 21 days). This program has to be updated at least every 4 months. LAST UPDATED on October 16, 2018.

BETTING STRATEGY #1: I suggest you start out by only playing the 6 numbers in group A (4 singles and 2 doubles). Assuming you play the numbers for $1 BOX at, it will cost $126 to play the 6 numbers for the 3 weeks (6 X 21 drawings). If a SINGLE hits, you will win $375 (this will cover your investment of $126). If one of the two DOUBLES hits, you will win $750.

BETTING STRATEGY #2: It is best to put $2 on the singles since they are the numbers most likely to hit. If the 4 singles are played for $2 box (at, EVERY hit (from a single or a double) will pay $750. Playing the 4 singles for $2 box will be $8, plus $2 for the two doubles; so it will cost $10 per day X 21 days = $210 spent during the 3 weeks. ONE hit will give you $750 (if these numbers are played at


The EXCEL Sheet for CALIFORNIA is Available NOW!

The Excel sheet for California is available right now. It works the same way as the New York sheet: you enter the 40 number distribution on the top left hand corner and the sheet will automatically generate 12 hot Win 4 numbers for California for the NEXT 3 WEEKS (21 days). NOTE: The sheet and the program are only to be used ONCE a month: on the first Saturday of the month. 

To get the sheet for California, email me the 40 number distribution for California for SATURDAY October 6 (3093, 2272, 5168, etc). 


You Can Request a WIN 4 Program for $60

Later this week I will have Win 4 programs for the states you see below. If you would like me to add your state to the list, the price is $60. If interested, email me with X WIN 4-$60 on the subject line of your email and I will send you an invoice. For example, if you want Florida, email me with FLORIDA WIN 4-$60 on the subject line of your email. 

Win-4 Programs
> TEXAS 889


Click on the link below to open the Win 4 Hit Report for the Week of OCT 7 to OCT 13


0562 Hit on Monday (Oct 8)-Group C (2650)
5260 Hit on Wednesday (Oct 10)-Group C (2650)
4153 Hit on Thursday (Oct 11)-Group C (3451)
8320 Hit on Saturday (Oct 13)-Group B (3820)

6928 Hit on Sunday (Oct 7)-Group B (8692)

2921 Hit on Tuesday (Oct 9)-Group A (1922)


You need Gold membership to access these programs. Gold membership is 3 months for $60. If interested, email me with $60-GOLD-3 MONTHS on the subject line of your email and I will send you an invoice for $60. I will give you access after I get payment. You can email me at

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