This Program will Code the Numbers for You!!


Just a little FYI regarding your coding.

I decided to generate numbers from the codes for doubles,
double doubles and triples based on 840 numbers and 1022
numbers (all of the weeks I have coded).

The triples for the week are 0888 and 4449 (both sets of numbers).

Additional triples for all weeks of numbers 5559 and 5999.

The Missouri Pick 4 midday number that hit today (NOV 20)
was 5559! Not only did a triple hit, it hit straight!

I coded them for informational purposes (now I wish I had played
them ūüė≠), but man, this is very encouraging!


The email above is just ONE example of the great many discoveries and HITS you will get once you learn and use my 7 Day Coding System.

These discoveries and hits will only come to you IF you know HOW to code the Win 4 game in your state.

But what if you do NOT know how to code the numbers (you find the system too complex).

What then?

You will miss out.


====The Win 4 Coding Program!====

I just found a way to help all those players who want to get the Win 4 codes for their state – but they don’t know how to do it.

Here is my solution; The Win 4 Coding Program!

This NEW program will be up on the Gold section of my site in a few days and it will code the Win 4 game for you!

Here is how it works; you enter the 40 numbers that hit your state (starting from the last number that hit on Saturday night) then you enter the numbers that hit during the week. So you will be entering two lists of number; first, the 40 numbers and then the numbers you want coded (based on the digit distribution of the 40 numbers).

Then you press Run System and Voila!

All the numbers entered after the 40 numbers will be coded!

For example, lets say that 5 numbers were entered (45 numbers in total). 

Lets say the 5 numbers entered were these:
8735 0465 3108 6899 5110

The output of the program will show something like this:

8735 (8573) = Code 0349
0465 (5064) = Code 3678
3108 (8103) = Code 0269
6899 (8996) = Code 0557
5110 (1150) = Code 2236

In other words, the codes for the 5 numbers entered are: 0349, 3678, 0269, 0557 and 2236.

These are the codes you would enter into an Excel sheet (I will provide this sheet FREE of charge to Gold members).

Just email me the code found underneath the program and I will send you the Excel sheet.

What you would then do is collect these codes for as many weeks as possible. 

I would say the minimum would be 40 weeks. 

The maximum is 60 weeks.

Copy all the codes from your Excel sheet and paste them on to the Group Matching System program to identify the hottest codes in the last 40 weeks (assuming you entered 40 weeks worth of codes).

How will you turn the hot codes you find into the actual numbers to play for the coming week?

I will be sending out a short report explaining how to do this –
but if you read the first Kindle (Book 1):

…you should be able to figure this out on your own.

This Introductory Kindle is only $2.99. 

I suggest you read it now if you have not done so already. 

It explains the basics of my 7 Day Coding System:  KINDLE.

The other books that follow (Book-2, Book-3, Book-4, etc) are found here:

The Win 4 Coding Program will be up in a few days.

I may put up the Pick 3 Coding Program as well.

===Forget About Flipping 6 and 9====

Someone just emailed me and told me that they just missed a hit
because they did not flip the 9; the program gave them 9246 and the winning number is 2994 (North Carolina).

Here is my response:

“Forget about flipping digits….let the numbers come to you.

If you start flipping numbers you will end up playing too many numbers.

Just wait for the numbers to come to you; be patient.”


====The GOLD SPECIAL Will Expire on NOV 30====

You will need Gold membership to access the Win 4 Coding Program.

Gold membership is $60 for 3 months – but I am running a Special now:
You will get 4 months of Gold membership for $60; but this Special will
expire on the last day of the month (NOV 30) – so you better act NOW.

If interested, email me with this on the subject line of your email:
$60-GOLD 4 MONTHS and I will send you a Paypal invoice right away.

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