978 Just Hit North Carolina (2nd Hit This Week!)

978 just hit North Carolina.

This is the FIRST of the Lucky 7 numbers predicted by the Lucky 7 program for NC for this week, as you can see below (the program had it as 879):

North Carolina
February 2, 2019
Lucky 7-North Carolina
40 Numbers used:
139 282 998 832 051 480 909 955 692 669
423 188 143 848 170 593 498 479 430 461
953 775 298 871 657 294 453 304 201 662
776 361 786 962 737 618 093 329 411 124

9 1 3 4 8
2 6 7 0 5

Good for the Next 7 Days (Sunday to Saturday)
879 870 873 874 877 876 871


This is the SECOND hit this week because 783 hit on Tuesday (the program had it as 873)!

GOOD NEWS! – The Lucky 7 programs for Arizona, New Jersey, ONTARIO and TEXAS will be up on my site soon!

If you have not done so already, make sure you join the Lucky 7 Club to get the 7 number predictions on Sunday morning for these four states plus the states listed below. The numbers will be good for 7 days (Sunday to Saturday).


Membership is just $10 and is good for 4 weeks. 

To join, email me with $10-Lucky 7 Club on the subject line of your email and I will send you a Paypal invoice for $10. You can email me at aanewyork4000@gmail.com.


This system works best in VIRGINIA. That is why I am personally playing the Lucky 7 numbers in VIRGINIA — and I already hit TWICE–See HERE.  (I am actually playing 14 numbers – but I will average 3 or 4 hits PER WEEK over the long term.)

You can play the VA Pick 3 game even if you are not in VA if you have a 5dimes account. If you have not done so already, you can request my FREE reports on how to use 5dimes effectively. To get the reports, email me with this on the subject line of your email: SEND 5DIMES Report.


BASIC and GOLD Membership

You have another option: join as a Basic or Gold member…this way you can get the numbers yourself on Saturday night (you will have access to the same Lucky 7 programs I use to come up with my predictions; you 
just have to enter the last 40 numbers that hit on Saturday night).

You need to be a BASIC or GOLD member to access these Lucky 7 programs. To get 3 months of BASIC membership (and access to all my Pick 3 programs, including all the Lucky-7 programs) email me with this on the subject line of your email: $20-BASIC-3 MONTHS and I will email you a Paypal invoice for $20. After I get payment I will email you a username and password to access the programs. You can email me at

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The Lucky 7 System (and programs) is based on my 7 Day Coding System which I discuss HERE. If you already have a basic understanding of the
system (you know what the 40 number distribution is and how to get the codes) and you want to get a deeper understanding of the Lucky 7 System, I have a Special offer for you.

In order for me to put up a Lucky 7 program, I first have to code the last 20 to 25 weeks in that state. This requires creating 20 to 25 40 number reports, then putting the codes into Excel, and then identifying the hottest pair in the codes – and then finding out what are the 7 hottest codes with that pair (its a long and complicated process).

I have a set of reports for each of the Lucky 7 programs I have up. If you would like to get the set of reports for any TWO states, you can do so for $60. I will email you all the reports I came up with to create the program for the two states. I will also explain how I came up with the 7 Lucky numbers for that state (sometimes I came up with 14 numbers for a particular state – I will explain why).

By looking at these reports you will understand how the Lucky 7 System works and how (exactly) I came up with the 7 numbers (so you can do it yourself if you wanted to).

If you are interested, email me with $60-X-X-777 on the subject line of your email, with the two Xs being the two states you want (if you only want one state, just request one). So if you want the reports for California and Ohio, you would email me with $60-CALIFORNIA-OHIO-777 on the subject line of your email.I will send you a Paypal invoice for $60; I will send you the reports after I get payment.

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