NORTH CAROLINA, Minnesota, Virginia

My excel sheets give you six digits. 

When you wheel six digits you will always get 20 numbers. For example, if you wheel digits 123456, you will end up with these 20 numbers:

123 124 125 126 134 135 136 145 146 156 
234 235 236 245 246 256 345 346 356 456 

However, I forget to mention a key detail: all of my sheets give you a short list of numbers to play…usually 5, 6, or 7 numbers. 

For example, the excel sheet for NORTH CAROLINA
has these six digits for THIS WEEK (AUG 18-24):

The sheet recommends these 7 numbers for this week:
548, 512, 538, 438, 482, 132, 182.

This means that you do NOT have to play 20 numbers. 
You only have to play: 548, 512, 538, 438, 482, 132, 182.

Guess what?

The number 358 hit on Tuesday August 20 (538 was on the list). If you paid for the North Carolina sheet, I will email it you to you tomorrow. 

UPDATE: The excel sheet for MINNESOTA can now be purchased as well. The excel sheet for CALIFORNIA, NORTH CAROLINA, OHIO, and VIRGINIA can be purchased. These excel sheets give you 1 to 4 hits pretty much EVERY WEEK. 

They each come with a short list of recommended
numbers to play for the coming week (5, 6, or 7 
numbers to play). The sheets are $60. 

The sheet for MISSOURI is FREE. Email me if you want it at

If you want the sheet for another state for $60, email me with $60-SIX DIGITS-X….with X being the state you want…so if you want FLORIDA, email me with this on the subject line of your email: $60-SIX DIGITS-FLORIDA. 

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