The NEW YORK MONEY CLUB ($225 to $900)

If you play the New York Pick 3 game (or if you play online at 5dimes) and you do not want to deal with the complexitiy of my excel sheet (you have to enter a new distributon every Saturday night), I have good news for you! You can join THE NEW YORK MONEY CLUB. With this service you are pretty much guaranteed to see a hit or two almost every week…and you only have to play 5 numbers.

There were TWO hits from my 5 number system
in New York this week (AUG 25–31):
263 hit on Tuesday (AUG 27)
326 hit on Friday (AUG 30)

There will be weeks with NO HITS. However, you will usually see TWO hits the following week.

There is something else:
I will be giving you my SPECIAL RECOMMENDATIONS.
For example; I will telll you to only play 4 BOX NUMBERS for this coming week (SEPT 1-7) because of something special I saw this week in the NY game. This means playing 4 box numbers OR – 24 STRAIGHT numbers …ideally at because the payout is anywhere from $225 to $900.

Also, you dont have to worry about updating the excel
sheet because I will take care of that. You dont have to worry about anything because I will email you the numbers to play late on Saturday night or early on Sunday morning. The numbers will be good for 7 DAYS.

===JOIN for FREE==
You can join the NEW YORK MONEY CLUB for FREE for a week or two. You can join now for this coming week. I will give you the numbers to play for this coming week. If there is a hit this coming week, you will have to pay to continue your membership. If there is no hit, your memership continues for FREE until there is a hit (most likely this coming week or the week after.)

If you want to join the NEW YORK MONEY CLUB for FREE for this coming week (SEPT 1 to 7), email me with NY-MONEY-CLUB on the subject line of your email. I will add you to my special list right away and give you the numbers to play for this coming week. If there is a hit, you will have to pay to continue your membership for the following week. Membership is $60 for 6 WEEKS. If you play the numbers at 5dimes, you should see a substancial profit because my numbers WILL HIT.

I can not do this for ALL states because constantly updating the excel sheet is just too time consuming. However, my excel sheets for all the states are just EXCELLENT…and right now I am giving them
away for FREE.

If you want to join the NY MONEY CLUB (and get the numbers for this coming week for FREE) email me with NY-MONEY-CLUB on the subject line of your email. You can email me at

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