MEGA MILLIONS—Progress Report Sent!

If you are a Money Club member, check your inbox.
I just sent you an email explaining an issue (problem) with the brand NEW Mega Millions program:

> MEGA CODING-126   

(If you did not get the email, email me with SEND MEGA UPDATE on the subject line of your email. You can email me at

And actually…if you want to learn HOW to code the Mega Millions game (and get my updates as I do so), you should join the Money Club because I will be sending out updates on a regular basis (I have to code the Mega Millions game before I put out the app). The app should be ready by February (in about 2 months). Details on how to join are below.

If you play the Pick 3 (or Win 4) game, you should join THE MONEY CLUB. This will give you 8 super hot Pick 3 numbers to play for the week in your state from Sunday to Saturday. Play these numbers both box and straight for both the midday and evening drawings. Most of the hits will be box –  but sometimes one or more of the numbers will hit straight. You will get a new set of numbers to play on Sunday morning as long as you are a member.

Membership is $60 for 3 MONTHS. This includes 3 months of Gold membership. Gold membership gives you access to ALL my Pick 3, Win 4, Pick 5, and Take 5 programs. To join, email me with this on the subject line of your email: $60-MONEY CLUB. I will send you a Paypal invoice for $60. After I get your payment, your membership will be good for 3 months. If you can not pay using Paypal, you can make your
$60 payment HERE.

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