432 STRAIGHT in Missouri (The Follower System)

 I just got this email from someone who purchased my Follower system. She just hit 432 STRAIGHT in Missouri on Tuesday night (April 14). To those of you who purchased the system: The number 234 is a 3-way follower of 467 (674 hit MO the day before). 


Hi Anthony. 

The Missouri winning number on Monday evening was 674. 

The Trinity:  467 – 029 – 038

234 was on all three lists (3-way) so I used the Box to Straight program. I played all 6 numbers (234 243 324 342 423 432) for midday and evening today and 432 hit STRAIGHT tonight.

UPDATE: If you are using my follower system: Make sure you give the 3-way numbers at least 3 chances to hit. In other words, if the last number that hit your state gives you a 3-way number, play this number for the next 3 DRAWINGS. Also, if the 3-way number has a 6 (example: 146), also play the number with a 9 (149) because sometimes the 6 will flip. Same thing if the 3-way number has a 9 (example: 349), also play the 6 (346).

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