106 —–>>> 816 in New York


The number 106 hit New York on Monday morning.

This is one of the 8 main trinity triggers:

013, 014, 016, 018, 023, 026, 027, 028

This predicted that a 0 or 1 would hit NY in the next 1 to 3 drawings (816 hit NY tonight; 3 drawings later). That is because the two lowest digits of 016 are 0 and 1. See the video below. My comments are under the video. 


It might be best to look at the actual last pairs that hit, NOT the 0xx or 1xx pairs.

I say that because after 106 (the Trigger), what one should see should be:

344 (Back pair 44)
999 (Back pair 99)

Right after 16, 99 hit (HH, OO).

Then back pair 44 hit (LL, EE).

REMOVING THE LAST PAIR (LOW-LOW: 44) WOULD have pointed to what actually hit: HH (back pair 68).

344 <<<—-LOW-LOW (EE)
999 <<<—-HIGH-HIGH (OO)

However, it gets tricky here because REMOVING EE would have removed the winner (EE back pair 68). However, after 999 hit (HIGH-HIGH-HIGH), I would ONLY look at the HIGH-LOW because 999 is a DOMINANT HIGH number in this particular case. It overides OO or EE. So the key to this may be identifing WHICH of the two factors to focus on (High-Low or Even-Odd) because focusing on BOTH is NOT the solution. Here I would say that the 999 was a clear indicator to only focus on High-Low and not on Even-Odd back pairs.

So that is a solution to identifying the right back pair; finding the High-Low and the Even-Odd Indicators.

High-Low Indicator: Only use High-Low to find the next back pair. 

Even-Odd Indicator: Only use Even-Odd to find the next back pair. 

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