The Followers Q & A

Hi Anthony. 093 hit tonight in Virginia. I looked it up in the 60 3 way followers and it shows it has 3, 3 way followers; 026 029 and 257. The Trinity for 039 shows 039 236 467. All 3 of these numbers show 029 and 257. But none show 026. So I’m wondering…why is 026 in the 60 3 way followers for 039 showing as a 3 way?

Look at the bottom of this page.
It says…..

NOTE on the 60–3-WAY FOLLOWER REPORT. If you go to the page with the lists for number 111 on the first document (F000-F999), you will see that 111 has a 3-way follower: 356. However, years of experience have taught me that digits 6 and 9 tend to flip. This means that the number 359 may hit instead. That is why I have also included number 359 as a follower. I have done this for every follower that has a 6 or a 9. For example, if the follower is 026, I also added number 029.

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