ATTENTION purchasers of The Followers and Money Club members: Check your inbox. I just sent you a Very Important Update to the Follower system (sent from my moneymachine email).

I just sent you the Consolidated Followers. This improved and updated list will DRAMATICALLY increase the number of hits you will get playing the Pick 3 game. Actually, I used this updated list to successfully predict the 182 that hit NY on Friday, as you can see on this post. (The report I just sent you has an improved strategy to the one I used; it gives you less numbers to play).

If you did not get the Consolidated Followers (and you purchased it or you are a Money Club member) email me.

This updated list has been added to the Followers, which you can purchase on the bottom of THIS PAGE.

NOTE: It looks like I wil be raising the price from $60 up to $97 – or $120. So you should purchase this amazing list NOW. 


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