Stop Playing During a Losing Cycle

Every system has its ups and downs. Nothing works all the time. Every system goes through a losing cycle where the numbers simply do not hit. This system is going through a losing cycle right now in New York. In my back testing I have seen this system not get a hit 6 drawings in a row. So I will not post numbers for a day or two. I am going to let this losing cycle play itself out. I will post again when I see a hit.

What tells you that you are in a losing cycle when you are using this Rundown-Due Pairs system? ANSWER: When you see 4 back to back loses. If you do not see any hits from this system in the last 4 drawings (2 days in 2-draw per day states) STOP using this system. Wait for a hit (in a day or two) and then continue using the system.

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