$7,240 Won in California!

I just got an email from a Money Club member who won $7,240 in the California Pick 3 game on the number 480 (Saturday June 20, 2020). Below is his email to me. I do my best below to explain the system he is using. I added notes and pictures to clear things up…and some very important comments at the end. 

Anthony, I’m telling you, your 10 due pairs program and your Pick 3 Daily Hits-7 program are powerful tools! They have really helped me!

Check out my results.

I got 20 HITS!




When I asked for specific details on the system he was using, he told me this:

For this particular hit I made a graph consisting of 70 boxes that represent the approximately 70 numbers that come up on the Pick 3 Daily Hits-7 screen.

NOTE: By “7 screen” he means the line breakdown that the PICK 3 DAILY HITS-7 program gives you and a chart he created that has 70 boxes. 


This is an EASY program to use. You only have to enter the last TWO numbers that hit into this program (unlike some of my other programs that require you to enter the last 100 or 200 numbers). Here is how the output from the program looks like:


Here is the chart he is using….


He continues….

I went back a couple of months looking at the results of the California daily 3 game and I went day by day checking the box where the number hit.

Obviously the same box will have different numbers from day to day – but I was more interested in the box itself. Did a number hit that box or not?

I would play sections of open boxes (positions with no hit so far; they are due to get a hit). Playing on paper for a while. I had hits in the first 3 days I did this. As the open boxes became less, I would then use the 10 due pairs program to narrow down the numbers that might pop up in the open boxes. Based on the last 2 draws the number 048 would appear in a box near the top. Since 48 and 08 were due pairs, I played 480 just on a hunch.

I bought 20 tickets and I got the hit!

One of my failings is that I don’t have the discipline to play many numbers per draw. I like getting the big hit so I play a lot of money on 1 number. As you may guess I don’t get a lot of hits that way. But with this straight hit today (20 tickets on 480 x $362 = $7240) I can afford to play more numbers per day for a while.


The PICK 3 DAILY HITS-7 program has multiple hits every week. I need to discipline myself to start taking advantage of that fact. Even if it means smaller box hits.

I remember you talking about intuition on your old website. I think intuition was definitely part of my process for this hit. But I also noticed before I went to buy my tickets that 048 was on your short list for California numbers this week. That also gave me some confidence in my bet.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

My suggestion is to use the two Key digits (see previous post HERE). I also told him this:

If you won $7240, you should keep doing what you are doing. Refine the process.

Learn from your mistakes.

Make your system better. 

What I have learned is that you have to master a specific niche or specific approach to playing if you want to hit big. You are on the right track.


COMMENT #1: Basically he is using a positional tracking system. He crosses off those boxes (locations on the chart) that got a hit so the positions that are due to get a hit become less and less. He plays numbers from the locations that are due to get a hit. Then he uses the 10 due pairs to help him narrow down his list of numbers to play. The same line tracking system is provided in the Rundown List program. Anybody can do this – as long they have the patience and self-discipline to use the tracking system every single day. So basically, I provide the tools you need. The question is; Do you have the self-discipline to do this type of tracking EVERY day for several weeks? If you do, you can be richly rewarded. (The problem with most players is that they are constantly changing systems.)

COMMENT #2: You have to create your own system. A system that works for you. You can get ideas from this system – but you will have to personalize it and make it yours. Then you will have to track the numbers (based on your system) EVERY DAY. If you do that, you will start to “see things” that other players are just not seeing because you have been tracking the numbers every day using a very specific methodology that you are comfortable with and that works for YOU. 

COMMENT #3: Stick with your system for 3 months. It will take you a few weeks just to get the hang of it (and to make improvements to it). After you are clear on how your specific system works, commit to using it every day for at least 3 months (if you are not sure of what system to use, use something similar to the tracking system explained above). Tracking the numbers in your state in a very specific way for a few months is what will reveal to you hidden patterns and relationships within the numbers. The BIG WINS will come when you learn to intelligently use these hidden patterns; they will let you know what number is most likely to hit your state on the very next drawing. 

COMMENT #4: This player mentioned intuition. Here is what I have learned about intuition recently: you activate your intuition by concentrating on ONE tracking system for 3 months. In other words, intuition is activated by concentration across time (CAT). Concentration means using one tracking system every day (you master one system and stop jumping from system to system) and by “time” I mean 3 months. NOTE: Your system should be made up of several sub-systems; key digits, due pairs, positional tracking, etc. Before you reach the 3 month mark you will first have to get through the first 3 weeks; if you see results during the first 3 weeks, you stick with the system – if not, you will have to modify it, change it, add to it, or somehow make it better. Actually, you will ALWAYS be improving your system – but the foundation and basics of your system must be fixed and stable.

COMMENT #5: Once you have a specific tracking system, you will know exactly what factors to focus on and what to ignore. Use your system to predict numbers for the following day (do NOT play your numbers in the beginning – unless you enjoy losing money). I suggest you do what I am doing in New York; post your predictions every single night (based on your system) for the following day (you can post it on lotterypost .com) and then see what hits. No matter what hits, you will learn something. The things you learn every day will (1) make your predictions get better and better over time and (2) show you how to improve your system.

COMMENT #6: Sooner or later (within 3 months) you will have moments of clarity when you just KNOW what number will hit your state next (and that number will hit). Your intuition has been activated.

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