My daily ALERT service is now a paid service.

However, you can test out the service for FREE for 7 days. If you are on my service, you may be SHOCKED at what you saw in my prediction for FRIDAY (August 14).

I predicted that 5 states would get a hit on FRIDAY. 

Guess what happaned??

3 of the 5 states I posted got a hit!!

I just sent out my predictions for TODAY:

Saturday August 15.

If you are on the FREE 7 day trial, my numbers should be on your inbox (if you dont see them, check your spam folder). 

You can get my ALERT for FREE for 7 days!

To try out my ALERT service for FREE, email me with
ALERT-FREE TRIAL on the subject line of your email.

During the 7 days you will see just how accurate my ALERTS are. If you like what you see, then you can join the paid service to continue getting my ALERTS every morning. You can email me here:


If you have been a paid member for 2 or more years, you can get my daily ALERT for FREE. Check your email; I just sent you the ALERT. If you think you have been a paid member for at least 2 years and you did NOT get the ALERT, email me.

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