What is the Best MEGA BALL number to play?

I just had a BIG BREAKTHROUGH which I explain in document 12, which you can find on the bottom of this page:

Basically, I have identified the single hottest Mega Ball number. There is nothing to fugure out. You do NOT have to use any program or do any workout; in report 12 I just give you the hottest Mega Ball number to play.

I also provide 3 other back up Mega Ball numbers.

I also give you a “remove the last 3” strategy that you can use to increase your probability of hitting the Mega Ball number.

IF YOU PURCHASED THE MEGA PRODUCT, documents 12 and 13 should be in your inbox; I just emailed them to you.

IF you have not purchased the Mega Product, I suggest you do so….assuming you want to follow my progress as I figure out how to win $1,000,000 (1 MILLION) or MORE playing the Mega Millions game.

You can purchase the product here:

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