The CHECKLIST Report is Ready!

How am I coming up with the Super Hot, Hot, and Other Pick 3 numbers? This is an important question because these numbers hit consistenly.

I answer that question in the brand new Checklist Report which you can find here:

This is my BEST Pick 3 system because it uses the knowledge and wisdom from several different systems and programs.

This is NOT a pen and paper system. You will need to use my programs to use this system. You may be able to come up with the same lists I do if you are good with EXCEL or if you are a PROGRAMMER. Also, you will need the last 200 numbers that hit your state for this and you need to do the workout in a LAPTOP computer (it will not work on a phone).

If you currently have access to my programs, great.

If NOT, this Special applies to you:

$60 SPECIAL: If you currently do NOT have access to my programs, I can give you BOTH access to my programs and the Checklist Report for $60. This special will give you 6 MONTH access to all my programs PLUS the Checklist Report. If you are interested, email me with $60-CHECKLIST-6 MONTH SPECIAL on the subject line of your email at and I will send you a Paypal invoice for $60. I will email you both the login details and the Checklist Report after I get your payment.

You can find the Checklist Report HERE:

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