Coming Soon: 36 Straight Numbers (System Explained)

The 36 straight numbers I posted (for the week of MAY 9-15) generated 13 straight numbers. In this Kindle I explain how the system works. I also explain how to make the system profitable by playing less days (not all 7 days) and how to track the Win-Lose cycle (if there were no hits in the last week or two, there will most likely be a hit this coming week).

Recommendation: I suggest you email me the code on the last page of the Kindle on the subject line of your email. I will email you back the PDF edition of the Kindle which is easier to read and navigate.

SPECIAL Strategies are explained for TEXAS, GEORGIA, and VIRGINIA.

This new Kindle will be up on Amazon later today or tomorrow. I will send out an email once the Kindle is up.

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