California–016, 038, 034, 145

I was able to code the California game very quickly.

These four numbers are good for CA this week
(from today until Saturday July 10):

016, 038, 034, 145

I am willing to code any state you want for $60.

I will give you the corresponding excel sheet and
explain how to use it. It will give you 4 hot Pick 3
numbers to play for the week (Sunday to Saturday).

If interested, email me with this on the subject line
of your email: $60-CODE X
(with X being the state you want me to code).

I will send you a Paypal invoice for $60 right away.

Just so you know:
No guarantee that these numbers will hit every week.
However, one of them should hit MOST weeks.

I can also do this for the Win 4 game for ANY state.
It will most likely be more than 4 numbers.
However, these will be the BEST possible Pick 4
numbers that you can play during the week.
These will be BOX numbers. For this, email me with
$60-4444-CODE X (with X being the state you want).

For this….I may just give you the best DOUBLES to play
for the week. I have to first see what the codes are.

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